A respected JavaScript developer, Jack Slocum, created Ext JS as a cross-browser library within JavaScript that can be used to create rich applications for the internet. His project originated as an attempt to build up the functionality of the library in YUI (the Yahoo! User Interface). Ext JS offers the same cross-browser support as YUI, facilitating the creation of valuable internet applications that are not dependent on using a particular internet browser.

Toolbars, data grids, combination boxes, and message boxes are among the controls offered by Ext JS. The ways in which elements are displayed on a webpage can be controlled by the layout managers. In addition, there are many features related to windows and forms.

Ext JS has an extendible, object-oriented framework and exceptional performance, and great presentation.

The user interface library within Ext JS can be complement Ruby on Rail, PHP, Java, .NET/ASP.NET, and almost all other server-side technologies.

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